Al Dawaar – Revolving Restaurant

Al Dawaar is one of those elite revolving restaurants that all of us wish to visit at least once in our lifetime. It is an old school chic restaurant for a wonderful celebratory dinner or an elegant lunch. Located in the Hyatt Regency in Deira, it is quite an old establishment with its grand opening dating 35 years ago. Yet, the décor is modern and light, showcasing a calm vibe. The tables are traditional rectangles but they also have some intimate, oval tables with banquette seating. All tables have a window side which gives the perfect to view the city hustling and bustling. It gets even better at night with the metropolitan around glimmering with city lights.

Variety of cuisines at Al Dawaar 

It is essential to make a reservation beforehand since it is a popular location for birthdays and other celebrations. The cuisine is certainly delicious with lots of variety. Since, it is a buffet; Al Dawaar offers European, Middle Eastern, Asian and Japanese delicacies. According to multiple customer reviews fried prawns and sushi are items one must try when visiting. Additionally, more popular delicacies include Shrimp Biryani and Spinach Pasta. Specific Indian dishes are prepared with authentic recipes as well.

Desserts at Al Dawaar

The dessert bar at Al Dawaar is another story all together. It is a heaven on earth for people with an especially sweet tooth. The revolving restaurant offers especially instagram-able desserts that are a feast for the eyes. From Chocolates cakes to exquisite tarts and Crème Brulee and many more wonderful goodies.

Al Dawaar is the best place in old Dubai for a wonderfully romantic dinner date. It designed to be impressive. Do pay it a visit if you are looking for an evening of fine dining with a majestic view with mouth watering global cuisine. And don’t forget to carry your cameras!

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