How To Check UAE Visa Status With Entry Permit Number

Are you looking for someone to guide you on how to check your on how to check UAE visa status with entry permit number? Let’s face it, most of us have very busy schedules and while we try to remember the month on the visa expiry date, the exact day tends to slip our mind. Don’t worry; it’s a struggle most UAE residents have to go through every two to three years. It is quiet easy to just check the validity of your visa on your passport but it might be possible that you don’t have your passport on you. In such a case there are other techniques that can be applied to check the validity of your visa on the go.

A guide to check UAE visa with entry permit number  

We are here to guide you on how you can specifically check your visa validity date via entry permit number. It is crucial to keep a check of your UAE visa, especially in the case that you obtained your visa through third party.  The government of United Arab Emirates has given users access to their official online portal( This portal lets you avail various visa related services. In order to check your visa validity online, you will need one of the most essential information i.e. your entry permit number. Entry permit number is clearly written on your visa. You will need to follow the instructions below in order to access the status of your visa onlin

  • Click the link for the official website here and go to the visa validity page of GDRFA.
  • The next step is to click on the button that says select service and after that you will have to choose the option entry permit validity.
  • After choosing entry permit validity, a new page will open which will ask you for your entry permit number. Locate your entry permit number on your visa print and then enter it into the box provided.
  • From here the page will ask you for your first name, gender, date of birth and nationality. After providing all this information, you will need to enter the CAPTCHA code in the blank space and click on submit.

That is it. In a few seconds and the website will tell you the exact validity date of you UAE visa.

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