4 Best Filipino Restaurants In Dubai

Filipino food is one of the best cuisines in the world. Anyone who has this palette in their experience are extremely lucky. If you don’t, then we would suggest that you hurry up and do something about it. You could start by checking out the best Filipino restaurants in Dubai.

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Changing up your food palette is something you should definitely experience. It opens up a whole new world for you. Who knows, you might even find that Filipino food is exactly what you have been missing your whole life. If you want to make sure that Filipino cuisine is something you want in your palette, then here is a list of the best Filipino restaurants in Dubai that you should check out.

1. Jollibee

Like its’ name Jollibee is exceptionally Jolly! You’ll find the one of the Filipino cuisine in Dubai right here. Once you step into this marvelous place you really won’t want to go anywhere else for quite a long while. The menu choices are elegant, simple and natural. Something you can eat without having to think about whether or not you will enjoy the delicacy. The price range is also something easily manageable.

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2. Tapa King

If you don’t already know then, Tapa is the native Filipino word for Beef. So this particular Filipino restaurant is known as the ‘Beef (Tapa) King.’ This lovely food place is also famous for its garlic friend rice and egg, also known as sinangag and itlog. Although this mix of food is not native to most people in the UAE, once you give it a try you will not e disappointed. The Tapa King has an assortment of foods mixed and matched in ways that you probably can’t even imagine are possible.

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3. Silog Express

There are many many options that you can try out at Silog Express. So many Filipino cuisines and dishes that are absolutely scrumptious. The Silog Express is a great place to go when you’re a little short on cash as well as time but you still want quality food on the go. This place will give your stomach the loveliest foods that it will ever eat, while simultaneously assaulting your senses with the loveliest of aromas. Just imagine it, you’re a little late for work but you are extremely hungry and not in the mood for anything mainstream. So you head to Silog express and in little to no time you will be on your way to work again with a full stomach and happy smile on your face.

Silog - Wikipedia

4. Barrio Fiesta

Last but certainly not least in our list of amazing Filipino restaurants that you must certainly visit is the Barrio Fiesta. True to its’ name it is one of the most festive restaurants you will ever go to. Their ambience, service and food are without comparison. Just look at their Kare Kare i.e. their oxtail stew and you will find yourself swooning with the aromas and sheer delicacy of the food. Their sinigang is also quite delicious and well worth a taste.

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