The Best Way To Dispose Of Old Furniture In Dubai

Here’s a small guide on how to dispose of old furniture in Dubai. When moving houses, or just sprucing up your old place, it is important to point a keen eye on your furniture and get rid of old goods. Has it gone old? dusty? moldy? If it has then it is time to dispose of it and replace it with something new.

But the question is, how do you go about disposing of it? You can’t just throw your old sofa out on the street now can you! That is not the way to dispose of junk. There are several initiatives in Dubai which help the people in a mutually beneficial way in the disposal of these old goods.

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The Director of Waste Management Department, Dubai Municipality Abdul Majeed Saifaie states, “The residents need to only call them to get rid of bulky waste that cannot be disposed of in normal-sized waste containers.”

Make Use Of Any Of The Services Offered For Waste Management

There are so many services in the Dubai that offer pick ups for your waste and yes, in this case old furniture that you want to throw away is waste. And most waste can be recycled. If you are of the mind that you want to dispose of your waste in a more eco-friendly manner then you should contact, ‘You Call We Haul.’

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This is a service which operates as a pick up and it takes away any and all of your old furniture that is now a waste to you. This company has the ability to reuse the furniture in new ways. An example is using the foaming inside of an old sofa and stuffing it into a new one? Maybe using the worn wood and making something new with it? There are a thousand and one ways in which old furniture can be easily recycled.

Give Away Your Old Furniture As Charity

Another way that you can rid of your old furniture is if you give it to the ‘Share Your Blessings’ organization. This organization collects the old furniture and then distributes it to families in need. This way something invaluable to you is Gold to someone else. This organization works strictly through Whatsaap and the screening process for the furniture is also easily done via that app. Once screened the suitable furniture is picked up the ‘Share Your Blessings’ workers and the furniture is then given to those in need of it.

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Sell Your Old Furniture At The Flea Market In Dubai

Like most places in the world, Dubai also has a Flea market, so if you want to sell your old furniture for a good price then just haul it up to the market and haggle your way through. Either that or you could exchange it for something new that might catch your eye at a vendors’ stall at the Flea Market.

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There are many ways to get rid of your old furniture in Dubai, those above-stated are just a cherished few.

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