Homeschooling In UAE And Everything You Need To Know About It

What Do You Mean By Homeschooling?

Home schooling in UAE is an important part of life as it is in the world at large. It starts from birth and ends at death. After all the first school you ever go to is the one your mother teaches you from the warm encircle of her arms. But that is not the kind of home schooling we are talking about today.

Today we are talking about a kind of distance learning that is not affiliated with any known school. The kind of learning where children do not interact with others of their age or are bound by a set curriculum taught by a teacher.

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Home schooling is the best case-scenario for all those kids who are too far away from a proper school, or are unable to afford one. This is the best way to make sure that they are kept up to speed regarding their studies without having to worry about moving away to a different place or acquiring more money.

It is also a good solution for those children who are shy or are suffering from a specific medical condition, be it biological, physical or mental. After all each of them have equal importance. Homeschooling helps you build up your child’s’ confidence and helps get them used to a safe environment meant for learning without fear of bullying, being left behind or considered inferior.

Is Homeschooling A Good Option?

Homeschooling your kids is never the first option that pops into mind. After all according to the general consensus and society rules, going to an actual school with a principal, teachers, classrooms and more than 3 students is mandatory for every child in every country. But every rule has an exception.

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As we have talked about above there are certain reasons why a parent might decide to change up the pace and keep their child homeschooled. It could be because of several reasons and those reasons are probably quite good and state approved.

What Are The Benefits Of Homeschooling?

There are many benefits to homeschooling in dubai and in the UAE. Here is a concise list that will help sway you over to the idea of homeschooling. Give it a read, you might just find yourself changing your opinion about homeschooling.

1. Diversified Curriculum

The first and foremost reason, that is an attraction to any child towards homeschooling is the diversified curriculum. You can study any way you want and exactly how you want! You want to learn British history, jump into the Kings and Queens of Old? Go right ahead, no one will stop you and say that it isn’t a part of the semester coarse. You can do whatever it is your heart desires.

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2. Studying Begins At Your Time

Unlike school which starts at 8:30 am, and makes you wake up at 6:00 am, home school allows you to keep your own time. This way you can wake up as late as you want, have some good old-fashioned breakfast, sober up from the good night of sleep you had, change clothes and then head on to the area of the house which has been dubbed ‘school.’

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3. No Payment Needed

Home schooling is surprisingly not expensive and easily affordable. The trick is knowing where to get the right schooling materials and making sure you as a teacher at home, know how to impart knowledge on impressionable minds. With homeschooling you are saved from having to spend thousands of dollars on a single semester. By teaching your kid at home, you will know what they are learning and you can see that it is money well spent.

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4. No Distractions

Another advantage of homeschooling is the lack of distractions. There will be no giggling, laughing and making fun of the teacher. There will be no cheating off of each other or talking in hushed whispers or passing notes. At home school the student will be entirely focused on learning and making sure that whatever is being taught settles in their impressionable brains. Without the added distraction of other students, it has been seen that some children actually do quite well in this kind of environment. Especially children who are autistic or have ADHD or ADD. This way the child gets all the attention that is needed and with more to spare.

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5. Focus On Building Life Skills

Although it is a well-known fact that schools build character and this fact can not be refuted. It is also a known fact that there are always some students who just slip between the cracks of the system. These students benefit from homeschooling as here, there are given undivided attention. Here their coaches or teachers can arms them with proper life skills and teach them how to survive in the big bad world. After all, college is a necessary part of life as well, and college sadly can not be achieved via home schooling.

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6. Personal Growth Is Important!

One of the most important part of living life is personal growth. If you don’t believe in personal growth then you should go back to school and re-learn everything. At home school you will have the proper time to devote to yourself. To learn who you are, what makes you tick, what do you like, what don’t you like, your boundaries, ideals and philosophies. At home school you will have an easier time finding yourself and being content in the self that you have found.

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There are many more reasons why homeschooling is such a good idea. But the six reasons stated above are the top ones that you should definitely keep in mind while choosing what kind of learning you want to impart on your precious bundle. Keep in mind the pros as well as the cons of both homeschooling and distance schooling. Make sure to keep your childs personality in mind, and try to see where they will be best nurtured, looked after and fit in. After all it is the child who would be spending hours upon hours in the decision that you make.

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