Moroccan Baths Are The Best Way To Get Some Rest

Whether you are living in Dubai or outside of it, Moroccan Baths in Dubai are in any case a great way to relax. We live a life that is always so fraught with worries, work and a huge amount of responsibility. There is no time to do any sort of leisure work or just relax anymore in everyday life. We are on the fast track and it doesn’t look like we are slowing down any time soon. But that is not how humans’ survive. We as a specie need some time to ourselves. A time where, we can just relax, take in the sights, close our eyes and just be. The Moroccan Baths in Dubai will give you exactly the time to do that.

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What Is A Moroccan Bath?

Now before we get on to the best Moroccan Baths in Dubai, you must first understand what a Moroccan bath is. This particular type of Bath originates from Arabia, most popularly known as a Hammam.

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This bath is quite similar to the Turkish baths, in the way it makes use of herbs, black soap and henna to help cleanse and soften the skin. Other than that this special mixture also relaxes, purifies, and also improves blood circulation. The major benefit of the Moroccan Bath is that it not only helps your physical body but the special mixture used in the bath also helps in the relaxation of the mind. This is something which is sorely needed especially in today’s’ time. Here is a list of some of the best places in Dubai that you can go to for your relaxing Moroccan Bath to get your skin lively and healthy again.

6 Best Moroccan Baths In Dubai

# The One&Only Spa

True to its’ name, the One&Only Spa makes you feel like, you are the center of the Universe. You’ll find yourself treated like Royalty and the ambiance of the Spa itself is something quite serene. The sounds of trickling water and the gentle manner of the staff is all you need after the tiring time you’ve had as of late in life.

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# The Spa

This particular place located in the Palazzo Versace Dubai is absolutely unique. The only thing ordinary about it is its’ name. The Hammam here compromises of Argan oil, black olive and some Milk to soften the skin with. Each Spa in Dubai has a different process to their Hammams’ and each of them are absolutely amazing and relaxing. The Hammam at ‘The Spa,’ is an experience you should definitely have under your belt.

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# Jazz Lounge Spa

This particular spa is the best Moroccan bath place in Dubai for gentlemen. Men need a place to relax as well after all! The Jazz Lounge Spa in Dubai offers a multitude of services which help the men kick back and relax while other people see to all the technicalities. The environment itself is vibrant and any gentlemen who steps foot in this spa always comes out singing its praises.

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# Bulgari Spa

This particular spa has a separate area for its’ Hammam, specialized to perfection so as to make sure that your Moroccan bath experience is perfection itself. The whole suite is dedicated in this endeavor. Once you enter the place, your senses will be assuaged with the most serene textures and smells. Your body will fall an easy victim to the lovely bath oils, black soap, nourishing masks and more.

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# Silk Spa

You will find this particular Spa at the Habtoor Palace in Dubai. If you want a truly majestic experience then the Silk Spa is the place to be. True to its’ name the Hammam procedures at this spa are like silk against your skin and once you are done with the bath you will find the expression, ‘As smooth as silk,’ fit quite aptly with your skin and hair.

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#Queens’ House Salon

Last but not least in the list of Salons’ which offer Moroccan bath services is the Queens’ House Salon. You will find this delightful place at Wafi Mall, and it truly is one of the best place for a relaxing time. The Queens’ House Salon prides itself on the use of Organic materials, herbs and products in all its beauty processes, especially its’ Moroccan Bath. The bath therapists are skilled in the art of massages and they know how to work out the kinks in your muscles in just the right way.

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Visit any one of these places and prepare to be amazed by how quickly you will become a fan of them. They are not only relaxing but they actually help you have a healthier life.

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