How To Check Police Case In UAE Online ?

Are you looking for a way to find how to check police cases in Dubai? Fear not; we are here to help you. We concur that it seems like a lot of work to go to a police station by yourself in order to check a police case. Keeping the residents and their convenience in mind, the Artificial Intelligence Department at Dubai Police has launched a smart service that helps residents inquire about police cases online.

New services introduced to check Police Case In UAE Online with Ease

The service is a highly effective way of ensuring that the residents of Dubai can obtain the necessary information they require online. It saves time and effort which might otherwise be spent travelling to and from the nearest police station. Life nowadays dictates that everybody has their schedule replete which leaves little or no room to waste time. Therefore, this service gives you access to information anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a working internet connection.

This service was launched by Dubai police in February of 2019. The service can be used to check criminal status anywhere in the country through the Dubai police website or Mobile application. You can visit the official website here ( or download the Dubai police mobile app from Google Play or iTunes. Financial cases or travel bans are the most common kinds of cases that residents need information on. You can also check if an inflicted travel ban is restricted to Dubai or it is applicable all over UAE.

Steps to follow to check police case in UAE online:

This online service is free of charge and it does require a lot of information. You just need to insert your Emirates ID number and have access to the mobile number registered against this ID. When you enter the ID, you will receive a Onetime password (OTP) on your phone. Upon entering that password you can easily verify your mobile number and access your police case.

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