Best Way To Plan A Vacation In Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi

Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi is one of the most luxurious and peaceful vacation spot in the Middle East. It is a modern world of heritage with art, indulgence and thrill. The majestic Eastern Mangroves district has a dynamic ecosystem with beautiful grey mangroves among salt water plants. This kind of mangrove only grows in UAE due to the particular weather conditions.

Hotel Options in Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi

There are many a good options to stay in this area such as the Anantara Eastern Mangroves Hotel and Spa. It is a five star hotel with the best relaxation services and a beautiful view of the magnificent Abu Dhabi skyline. There are multiple ways to spend time near this hotel. You can visit the city centre or go for waterfront swimming. Go on an adventure in the desert or just have a relaxing day at the Turkish Hammam. Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer including the Eastern Mangroves Suites by Jannah which is another wonderful option for your stay in Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, there are a few well known touring companies that arrange wonderful trips to Eastern Mangroves Promenade which includes ART Marine Marinas and Eco Donut boats. It is a fun and easy way to spend an evening. Additionally, during the boat rides from April to November you’ll be able to spot flamingos in the area.

Yas Island In Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi

Another great spot for an adrenaline filled weekend in Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi is the Yas Island. Yas Island is surrounded by mangroves; the beach around offers the perfect opportunity for water sports. Additonally, Yas Island has the Yas Marina for many different activities and the Yas mall for a wholesome shopping adventure. The mall has 40 international brands! This island even has wonderful theme parks with rollercoaster and water slides. It is the best vacation spot for a family with members of all ages.

Therefore, we would say Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer as a vacation spot. It is perfect luxurious location, with tons of relaxation, you have been craving.

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