Keep Up With The Up And Coming Fashion Designer Madiya Al Sharqi!

A Little Background On The Lovely Madiya Al Sharqi Of UAE

Born to the ruler of Fujairah, Madiya Al Sharqi has never given up on her roots. She is one of those pure individuals who is proud of the soil she has been born on and makes her passion take root in the same soil as well. Her passion for fashion has been evident ever since she was little girl and fell in love with the graceful gowns and the designing process.

Some might say ask if it is not hypocritical of a proud UAE citizen, that her fabrics and materials are imported from the likes of Italy and Paris. But Madiya Al Sharqi fights there naysayers by showing them that although the fabric might be imported, the work is local and by the hands of her own people.

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Made More Famous On Emirati Womens’ Day…

Although many might know this gorgeous and talented fashion designer by her royal status, she is known most to those who have fallen in love with her sense of style, of fashion and her designs.

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She became even more famous when people saw her brand products on the annual event of Emirati Womens’ Day held and instigated by Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, to honour the strong women who have shaped the UAE. The hardworking and down to Earth designer made  limited-edition series of long-sleeved tops, embroidered with feminist sentiments. She commissioned these designs via her online shopping boutique The Modist.

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Al Sharqi Says:

The UAE has always been progressive and supportive, and it makes me proud that women today are more empowered than ever to pursue what they are passionate about.

Madiya Al Sharqi says to Lifestyle Magazine
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You’ll Find All The Latest Trends In Her Arsenal.

Madiya Al Sharqi believes in working with the latest trends and the most original designs. Although this doesn’t mean that she forgotten her UAE roots. On the contrary Madiya Al Sharqi has the unique ability to blend both her culture, and traditions into the modern works of fashion. She is the perfect example on how to give the Middle Eastern heritage alive by adding it to a more contemporary visage.

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Its’ amazing, the things this gorgeous and magnificent woman comes up with and each of her designs are definitely something to be admired. As we can clearly see, Sharqi is a hard worker and her hard work has definitely paid off splendidly. She has already been picked up by the region’s premier luxury boutiques, including Boutique 1 and Symphony. And to top it all off, she has also been named as one of the most exciting and promising designers to come out of this region.

So if you are on the lookout for a good designer to update your wardrobe with and make your patron fashion God, then Madiya Al Sharqi is the best one in the business. She is an idol that the people of UAE follow with all their hearts and pretty soon, she will be an idol internationally as well.

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