How to transfer Etisalat balance?

Smart phone and the technologies are progressing on a daily basis  all around the world and just like that one of the service providers like etisalat which is very commonly used in Asian and African countries, has made another progress by allowing the customers to transfer the money/ balance which is in their account to anyone around them and there is no fixed amount up to which the money can be transfers the only requirement is that the one transferring and the one receiving the money both of them should be used the same network provider which is Etisalat. They can transfers balance as well as the data credits to any other account.

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The procedure to transfer the data or credit to another account is quick and easy one need to have the app if my etisalat and after downloading the app one need to dial #100*the number of the one receiving the transfer money*datainMB# after this the money will be transfers and a online receipt will be sent of the balance transferred, also the transfer can also be done by dialing #100#.

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The data and the balance in the account can also be monitored though the app of my etisalat or also by dialing *121*170#. Also the one who is transferring the data or the balance to another account will automatically receive a confirmation message once the balance is transferred and the whole process is completed. This option is for both post paid and prepaid customers and can be easily availed by both by doing the same procedure, also the USSD code is different for each country. The transfer of balance is not free of cost rather it cost only about 5 % fee of the credit transfer from one account to another account.

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