How to transfer credit from du to du?

Du is one of the most frequently and the best rated sim or the  mobile connection which is used  by the people of UAE as its services are really good and very recently they have made a progress that know credit transfer from one Du sim to another Du sim  is allowed as long as there is balance in your account you can transfer to whomever you want and the transfer doesn’t have any money limit and can be sent up to 20 to 25 people in the same day,  also the validity of the balance transferred to another account is of life time so no matter how much money is being transferred or for how long it will be in the account, the money will not be expired in any case, technology has made such progress that sending money to each other is just a text away and like that in this case to credit transfer is a call away.  

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The process to transfer the balance into another account is Dh30 to whatever the mobile number you want to send the money to then dial *121*the mobile number where money needs to be transferred*30# and the they will be provided with a confirmation message on their phone via SMS as soon as the balance is transferred.

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The change was announced in credit transfer which was one on one service which is du to du transfer and the customers could only transfer between prepaid mobile lines and that will be free of cost and though the more time option only and the option to transfer the credit though the option of more credit transfer cannot be used any longer. Also this credit transfer is only for the ones who have du and can only send to someone who also have a du sim and not any other sim.

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