Everything You Need To Know About Recycling In Dubai

Recycling in Dubai is easy, here is everything you need to know about it and more. But before we head on to the intricacies of recycling in Dubai lets’ talk a little about what recycling really is.

What Is Recycling? Why Should We Do It?

Recycling is making use of the waste products and transform them into a new use. Recycling is the best way to make sure that Global warming does not occur sooner rather than later. Not only is recycling a huge part of culture in the UAE but it is quickly becoming a saving grace all over the world.

World's largest e-waste recycling facility opens in Dubai | Uae ...

With recycling we can make sure that no extra materials, or non-degradable substances are used in the world. Make sure that everything is recyclable and ensure that the world becomes eco-friendly. And if the world is eco-friendly then it is all the better for the environment, the animals and humanity itself.

Green World Dubai Is The Present And Future

There are many recycling companies now working in Dubai, one of them is ‘Take my Junk’ Dubai. This service works to take all the items and products you consider junk and re-processes them into something substantial rather than letting them gather dust and later burned in a Junkyard. ‘Take my Junk’ has the extraordinary service of home pick up. So all you have to do is pick up your phone, dial their number and prepare the recyclables to be taken at the time you are allotted by them.

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Other than ‘Take my Junk,’ the second most popular company in the recycling ergo the Health and safety business is the Green World Group Company. Another company to name is enviroserve. If you are ever in need of handing over your recyclables items to some place then these are the places you can call.

Recycle & Waste Management: How to Open Recycling Business in Dubai

Don’t just throw your trash away, call these places and make the world a more Eco-friendly place.

Recycling Centers In Dubai That You Should Know About

A Guide to Recycling Centres in Dubai Near You - MyBayut

The basic question that most people ask when thinking about recycling is where do we go to dump our recyclable trash? Other than calling places who offer pick up services, there are a number of areas all around Dubai that have recycling centers. Here are a few of the most famous ones:

Old Dubai Definitely Needs Some Recycling

Bur Dubai, most commonly known as Old Dubai by the locals has an excellent recycling center that you can make us of. Its’ at Burjuman Metro Station, behind Citibank. Old Dubai itself is absolutely beautiful. If you ever do happen to pass by there, carrying your junk, stick around before going to the center and just enjoy the sights.

A Guide to Recycling Centres in Dubai Near You - MyBayut

Deira Is A Good Place For Recycling

You’ll find Deira at Dubai Creek. Its’ a rich district where the old meets the new quite effortlessly. You can see both traditional and modern versions of Dubai coming together seamlessly. The recycling center of Deira can be found easily near Emirates Driving Institute in Al Qusais. This particular recycling center is for plastic waste. So all you people who have a ton of plastic and don’t know what to do with it, take it Deira.

A Guide to Recycling Centres in Dubai Near You - MyBayut

AL Garhoud, Dubai Festival City and AL Rashidya Are Extensions Of Deira

You could say that Al Garhoud, Dubai Festival City and Al Rashidiya are extensions of the Deira area. But today they are considered their own residential communities and so they have their recycling centers as well. There are several in this area actually that you might like to visit. There is one near Toys R Us in Dubai Festival City, you can take your cans, paper and plastic waste there easily. There is one at Emirates Aviation College in Al Garhoud for plastic and paper recycling in Dubai and lastly there is one at Rashidiya Shopping Centre in Al Rashidiya for cardboard, cans, paper and plastic waste recycling in Dubai.

Dubai Recycling Companies | Recycling Services in Dubai UAE

These are just the few centers that are scattered all over Dubai to take care of your recyclable items.

How Else Can You Recycle?

Other than pick up services, and recycling centers here are a few other ways that you can do away with all the junk. Heres’ a list of possible avenues that you can pursue.

Recycle Bins On Your Street Corners

It has become the norm now to find recycle bins at various street corners. You can easily see these green bins or bins with the recycle symbol painted on them, standing guard at streets end. You can simply tow your recycling bag and throw it in. Or if you’re walking down the street with a bottle in your hand or something that can be easily recycled just throw it in, and you’ve done a good deed for the day.

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Madenat Recycling Will Make You Happy

Ever want to bang your head against a wall when there are somethings that recycling companies and centers just won’t take away from you? Well, never fear! Madenat Recycling will wash away your problems. They take in everything, every single bit of your trash and they save it from the landfill and hence from being burned up with smoke in the sky. They even take in electrical items, so all your broken lamps, bits and bobbles can go in the recycling bag that you have ready and you can chuck it towards this company. They will take care of everything for you.

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Recycling should be a daily part of life. It is essential in the way we live as without recycling we are wasting resources and that is something wholly bad not just for the environment but for you as well. After all if the environment degrades it is only a matter of time before humans are next. So do the right thing and just recycle. Its’ easy!

Recycling in Dubai 27.01.2016 إعادة تدوير النفايات في مركز الطوار ...

You might even find it enjoyable after a while. And in most places, like Dubai, recycling has been made easy and it is actually encouraged. Dubai has taken a step forward into becoming a Green economy. Give it a hand up rather than leg down.

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